Application Development

The application development group (ADG) designs, develops and maintains DUCOM websites, web services and web applications for DUCOM in addition to DUCOM's public presence on the internet. Additionally, applications are developed within regulatory requirements (e.g., ePHI and FERPA). The ADG also designs and develops desktop applications and server system services.

The ADG serves as subject matter experts to departments throughout the College of Medicine on matters regarding web technology and application development.

The ADG is responsible for the web content management system and providing training and assistance to the college's content managers.


Database Design and Development

The ADG designs, develops and maintains SQL databases with experience in a variety of database technologies including, but not limited to, Microsoft, mySQL and Oracle SQL Servers.


Graphics & Video

The ADG performs graphic design and image editing along with administering video streaming servers including RealMedia, QuickTime and Microsoft Media Services systems.


COTS Recommendations

The ADG reviews, recommends, implements and maintains Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) applications. This allows the ADG to provide cost-effective solutions and permits the ADG the flexibility to recommend commercial applications for general needs and focus development efforts on the needs unique to the College of Medicine. The group also provides end-user support and training.


Project Management

The ADG manages project development performed by consulting firms.


Special Projects

The ADG participates in special projects, such as business continuity planning and serving on institutional committees and task forces.

IT Management

The ADG designs and maintains CoM application development guidelines that meet industry best practices, and comply with the Brand Identity Guidlines, Drexel University CoM policies, HIPAA requirements and applicable government statutes.