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Instant Messaging

Office Communicator Instant Messaging software is available on all computers which are part of the domain.  Office Communicator gives faculty and staff the ability to communicate via instant messaging while keeping all information encrypted.

This Microsoft program is for Instant Messaging (IM) or chatting online, providing faculty and staff with the ability to communicate with team members. It also integrates with Outlook. For example, during appointments on your calendar, your status changes to “busy”.  By default, Communicator will automatically start when you log on to Windows, with the icon visible on the right hand side of the taskbar. A notification pops up when a contact sends you an instant message, prompting you to receive or decline the invitation. You may also invite additional contacts to join a multi-party conversation and send an attachment with a message or copy and paste text in rich text format.

More information is available in the instant messaging user guide.



 SPAM Email protection is provided by the use of an in-house Email security solution by Proofpoint, Inc.  Click on the link below for a tutorial of end-user managed functions.

Anti-SPAM End-User Instructions