Resynchronize passwords on laptops/desktops

You recently changed your DrexelMed domain password. You attempt to log on to a laptop or desktop that is at home or off site and are unable to use the current password. An older password will allow you to log in.

Option 1:
You may hardwire your desktop/laptop to the Drexel University College of Medicine network. Reboot the computer, then log in with your current password.

Option 2:
If you have the VPN client installed on your computer, launch the VPN software. When prompted, log in with your current username and password. Once connected to VPN, hit the CTRL-ALT-DEL keys on your keyboard and lock your computer. Wait 30 seconds. Then hit CTRL-ALT-DEL again and log in with your current username and password

If these methods do not work, please contact technical services at 215-762-1999.