Getting Connected/Remote Access VPN

CoM-IT provides access to internal network resources from the Internet by using a highly secured, encrypted “tunnel” known as a virtual private network, or VPN for short. Three things are required for DUCOM employees to gain remote access through VPN:

  1. The user’s DrexelMed account must be modified to enable VPN.
  2. The user must install a small program on the remote PC. When this program is activated ALL network traffic on the remote computer is “tunneled” through DUCOM's network. Note: This includes all external web page requests. While the VPN software is activated the user is bound by the Drexel Acceptable Use Policy (link), just as if they were using a PC at the office.
  3. The user must set up the required application(s) on the remote PC. 

When calling Technical Support for VPN access the technician will require a justification for the request. Please be prepared to relay to them all of the applications that you plan to run remotely. This will enable them to provide you with instructions on setting up supported applications. Follow these instructions after your request has been processed and approved.