Verizon Wireless Blackberry Purchases can be made through CoM-IT Technical Services.  Please select the model you wish to purchase and open a support request via http://drexelmed.edu/help.  A quote will be sent for your approval prior to the order being submitted.



8330 8130 9530
Features Available        
Wireless email x x x x
Organizer x x x x
Browser x x x x
Phone x x x x
Camera   x x x
Video Recording   x x x
BlackBerry® Maps       x
Media player x x x x
Built-in GPS       x
Corporate data access x x x x
SMS x x x x
MMS x x x x
GPS x x x  
Global Support x     x

All Blackberry activations must include the purchase of a BES license.

Blackberry Enterprise licenses can be purchase directly through CDWG or by e-mailing DUCoM's Verizon Representative at Robert.perrong1@verizonwireless.com.  Once you have received your Blackberry Enterprise Client Access License, please contact CoM-IT Technical Services at (215)762-1999 or by visiting the CoM-IT Support Portal.

Technical Support