All Blackberry activations must include the purchase of a BES license.

Blackberry Enterprise licenses can be purchase directly through CDWG or by e-mailing DUCoM's Verizon Representative at  Once you have received your Blackberry Enterprise Client Access License, please contact CoM-IT Technical Services at (215)762-1999 or by visiting the CoM-IT Support Portal.

Activate Blackberry device (Phone and Voicemail)

1.     Verify that the antenna is turned ON and there is a 1X symbol in the upper right-hand corner
2.     You should automatically recieve a Welcome message stating that your device has been registered
3.     Call *228 from the device and follow the prompts to complete activation
4.     Dial *86 to begin your voicemail setup.

For additional assistance with activation contact Verizon Customer Service by dialing  *611 from the device or 800-922-0204

Activating Wireless E-mail

Attach the BES License code received with your Blackberry to the CoM-IT Technical Services Ticket.  Once this is submitted, you will receive an activation e-mail with a activation password.

Follow these steps to activate your handheld on the server: 

1.      Open Options (Wrench icon) on the device
2.      Click on Enterprise Activation
3.      Enter your full email address (
4.      Enter the password that was provided in the activation email
5.      Open the Menu and select Activate
      Once the activation process begins you will see a completion percentage appear on the screen. The whole process may take anywhere from 10 mins to 1 hour to complete. When the process done you will see a message informing you that your "Activation is Complete".  
      Visit for online training to use your new device.


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