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All Blackberry activations must include the purchase of a BES license.

Blackberry Enterprise licenses can be purchase directly through CDWG or by e-mailing DUCoM's Verizon Representative at  Once you have received your Blackberry Enterprise Client Access License, please contact CoM-IT Technical Services at (215)762-1999 or by visiting the CoM-IT Support Portal.

Activate Blackberry device (Phone and Voicemail)

1.     Verify that the antenna is turned ON and there is a 1X symbol in the upper right-hand corner
2.     You should automatically recieve a Welcome message stating that your device has been registered
3.     Call *228 from the device and follow the prompts to complete activation
4.     Dial *86 to begin your voicemail setup.

For additional assistance with activation contact Verizon Customer Service by dialing  *611 from the device or 800-922-0204

Activating Wireless E-mail

Attach the BES License code received with your Blackberry to the CoM-IT Technical Services Ticket.  Once this is submitted, you will receive an activation e-mail with a activation password.

Follow these steps to activate your handheld on the server: 

1.      Open Options (Wrench icon) on the device
2.      Click on Enterprise Activation
3.      Enter your full email address (
4.      Enter the password that was provided in the activation email
5.      Open the Menu and select Activate
      Once the activation process begins you will see a completion percentage appear on the screen. The whole process may take anywhere from 10 mins to 1 hour to complete. When the process done you will see a message informing you that your "Activation is Complete".  
      Visit for online training to use your new device.


Technical Support

Users with personal devices will need to contact their cellular carrier for support, service changes, and billing issues with their devices.