Full-time DUCOM-compensated faculty click here for access to software.

Many software packages are made available by Drexel for the use of Drexel University College of Medicine faculty (compensated), staff and students. This software may be accessed at the following location: https://software.drexel.edu
Note that you must know your Drexel University username (e.g., abc123) and password in order to access this site.

Full-time noncompensated (e.g., Tenet-employed) faculty click here for access to software.

Full time non-compensated faculty cannot access software at the above location and must instead use a portal specifically for them at http://www.drexelmed.edu/software. To access this site you may use either your Drexel credentials (e.g., abc123) or your Drexelmed credentials (e.g., jsmith).