Using Email Encryption

Based on identity-based encryption technology, Proofpoint Encryption makes sending a secure email as easy as sending it without encryption. All that is needed to encrypt and sign an email is the recipient’s email address and a single click of the "Send Secure" button. The Proofpoint Encryption software integrates with leading email clients such as Outlook and Outlook Express to provide secure messaging without the need to change how you work.

1. Installation

Installation of Proofpoint Encryption on DUCOM computers that are members of the DUCOM domain is automatic.

The first time you read a secure message or send a secure message the Configure Proofpoint Encryption window will appear. Please confirm that is populated in the Server field. If this value is not there, please enter it and then click Next:


The following Configure Proofpoint Encryption window will appear. If your Email Address is not populated please enter it in the Email Address field. Then enter your Drexel University College of Medicine password (Windows Password) in the Password field and then click Next:

Please call the DUCOM Technical Services helpdesk at 215.762.1999 for help with installation on computers that are not part of the DUCOM domain and are running Windows and Outlook.

2. Sending Secure Email

Sending secure email is easy – just compose your message, add recipients and press the "Send Secure" button on your email client. The email will be encrypted and sent to recipients with your digital signature incorporated in the message.

 3. Receiving Secure Email

With the Proofpoint Encryption software, the decryption process for received secure messages happens automatically.  

4. Replying to Secure Email

To reply to secure email, click on "reply" as you normally would to compose the message.

If a private key is required to decrypt the message, you may be prompted to authenticate yourself. Once you have authenticated, the secure email will decrypt and reveal the contents.

If you have questions or issues?
If there are any questions or concerns about Proofpoint E-mail Encryption please send a message to
If you have any issues with the Proofpoint E-mail Encryption Client please contact the Help Desk at 215.762.1999 or