What is encryption?
Encryption is technology that ensures the privacy of electronic communications. Encrypted data looks like scrambled numbers, and “decryption” unscrambles and restores the original message.

Proofpoint Email Encryption is integrated with Proofpoint Data Leakage Prevention to ensure sensitive data that is transmitted outside of the network through email is properly secured without the need to manage and maintain two distinct systems.

What users need to do?

The Proofpoint Email Encryption will be added to the Outlook email client automatically. After February 29, 2016, you should restart the Outlook email client or reboot your computer to ensure the changes take effect. The installation is successful when a “Send Securely” button is added in the top right hand corned of the email compose window. The “Send Secure” button may also remain on your Outlook email client for a few days.  You can ignore this button and start using the “Send Securely” button. The Send Secure will be removed at a later date.

What users should expect?

Internal @drexelmed.edu users
Drexel University College of Medicine users will experience changes to their Outlook email client. An automatic process to be initiated by IT Client Services to remove the Voltage secure email client and the “Send Secure” button.  A separate automate process initiated by IT Client Services with install the Proofpoint email encryption email client and add “Send Securely” Button to the Outlook email client. As noted in the previous topic, the “Send Secure” button may not be removed immediately, but this should not be a cause of concern. 

You may notice the uninstall process and the install process occurring on the computer but you will not need to take any action. A restart of the Outlook email client after the process is complete will ensure that the installation is successful.

In addition to the “Send Securely” button, you may still add “++” or [encrypt] to the subject line of an email to encrypt and outgoing email.