Drexel University College of Medicine's Information Technology Department (CoM-IT) is responsible for coordinating information security at the College of Medicine. CoM-IT collaborates with management from Compliance, Legal and the Operations Departments to protect computing resources and digital intellectual property at the College.

Information security is the responsibility of everyone affiliated with the College, including staff, students, volunteers, etc. These pages contain information concerning information security within the College of Medicine. The ultimate goal is to keep private information private. 

Private information is commonly called NPI or non-public information.

Privacy and Security Awareness

Information regarding privacy and security awareness is made available in several formats. One of the resources available is informational web pages at both the www.drexel.edu/irt and it.drexelmed.edu websites. We encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the policies and how-to guides at both sites. If you need help with information at either site please contact DUCoM-IT’s technical services department at 215-762-1999.

In addition to the information on these sites, staff and faculty are periodically emailed notices for various online courses for security awareness. Examples of these courses are HIPAA, Conflict of Interest and Email Etiquette. Please take notice to the emails you receive related to online courses. Your participation supports our mission to keep the College’s computing resources secure.

Please explore the web portal for information and if you have any questions or contributions to the CoM-IT security pages, please call 215-762-1999 or email dmsupport@drexelmed.edu

Policies, Procedures and Terms of Service

IT Policies, Procedures and Terms of Service provide the responsible, ethical and legal use of computing resources for the protection of all users. We encourage you to read these documents, ask questions and help us maintain an open and responsible community.